Top 10 Most Anticipated Cars of 2024 in France

 Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat, Tesla: here are the most anticipated new releases of the coming year!

10: Cupra Tavascan

Tenth place goes to the Cupra Tavascan, the Spanish SUV based on the MEB platform, the same as the Audi Q4 e-tron or the ID.4. It measures 4.64 meters long and will be available in two versions: rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, with power ranging from 286 to 340 hp and torque from 545 to 679 respectively. The battery is 77 kWh.

In terms of design, it confirms what has been the cornerstone of the Spanish manufacturer so far: a truly elaborate and catchy front end, a sleek profile, but with significant proportions, and a rear end that offers a very steep rear window to maintain the idea of harmony of forms.

In summary, Cupra performs well in terms of both exterior and interior design, the latter being well-crafted and imbued with a marked sporty and technological spirit.

9: Renault 5

Could it be the time for the Renault 5? After so many months of waiting, 2024 should be the year of the definitive arrival of a highly anticipated car, considering its history, but also what it aims to offer: it must be inexpensive, retain the style that made it a small icon in the 1980s, while offering content that is no joke. Small in its proportions, it will in any case have a battery pack of about 50 kWh, which for a city car is not bad at all.

The platform is the same as that of the Clio. Compared to the prototype that has been circulating for a few years, the headlights will be smaller, while the taillights will remain prominent. Proportions now defined, spoiler above the rear window. And inside? Touchscreen and clear stylistic cap for the Losange. It should make Zoe owners regret and in our opinion, with this name and style, it can succeed.

8: Volkswagen Tiguan

We continue with the Tiguan, which is currently Volkswagen's best-selling car in the world. The new generation, the third, changes radically in design and under the skin thanks to the MQB Evo platform, which has brought a few extra centimeters in length on the outside, but also a lot of extra space inside for passengers and luggage.

The look is now more mature, the car is more imposing and muscular and has been updated in most of its elements. The same goes for entertainment and technology, with larger screens and new software to manage all functions.

It will be available in petrol and diesel and will be electrified, with a mild hybrid version and, above all, a plug-in version that promises, as an electric car, 100 km on a single charge.

7: Toyota C-HR

The Toyota raised coupe was presented in 2016 in Geneva and it felt like it was at a turning point.

The new one has not been revolutionized, especially when looking at it from the outside. It evolves, that's all. It changes at the front, mainly at the hood level, as this crossover adopts the new stylistic line regarding headlights. Therefore, the hood is even more massive. The side protections remain the same, but the lines are even more angular. Inside, work has also been done on the dashboard and instrumentation, which have evolved to make them even more mature.

However, the biggest evolution is... under the bodywork, with the updated platform on the one hand, but above all with the introduction of the rechargeable engine. We put it to the test and also analyzed the interior.

6: Tesla Model Y

Sixth position for one of the best-selling cars in the world, the Tesla Model Y. We still know nothing about its design, but we imagined it in our rendering (which you can see above) for which we were inspired by its sister Model 3, which has already hit the market. And the two should be very similar. At the front, the large teardrop-shaped headlights will give way to slimmer LED matrix blocks, the ones at the rear will also change style, and the bumpers will have a different design.

On the outside, no changes are expected, but on the inside, besides the LED lighting and new upholstery, the main novelties are the steering wheel, which will integrate turn signal controls, and the screen on the central tunnel for rear passengers. As for the engines, the 2024 Tesla Model Y will be available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, respectively in Standard Range and Long Range versions, with the powerful Performance arriving later.

5: Lancia Ypsilon

The next Lancia Ypsilon comes in fifth place. It is expected, and not a little, especially by our Italian friends. But those who thought it would be a crossover were mistaken, as the Ypsilon 2024 retains a more classic posture, taking proportions already seen on the 208 or the Opel Corsa.

And they will also have engines and mechanics in common! The style had already been hinted at with this very particular concept called Pur+a HPE, with the theme of the circle especially for the interior, but also with a broken T element in the center, at the front with the Lancia inscription on the top of the hood, which in any case offers a more elegant style.

The platform is the usual one of today's Stellantis: CMP, with a 54 kWh battery pack for the electric and a synchronous motor of 156 hp, while for the mild hybrid, we should find the classic 1.2 petrol, already present on the Avenger and the 600.

4: Lamborghini with V8 engine

Fourth position for the heir of the Lamborghini Huracan. Few people will be able to afford it but we, car enthusiasts, love beautiful things. So the wait is motivated by passion. It is also because here, the change of pace is important, as the challenge is significant. No more naturally aspirated V10, make way for a biturbo V8 that should reach 10,000 rpm.

It will be hybrid and should deliver between 700 and 900 horsepower. We also expect the Revuelto transmission, another novelty from Sant'Agata. The style will also evolve, with certainly the elements that have distinguished the latest Lambo, especially the hexagonal optical groups located immediately under the headlights, on the hood, which are very thin.

3: Alfa Romeo Milano

Third place for the Alfa Romeo B-SUV. It has been talked about for several months. We still don't have a clear idea of what it will look like, but the official teaser revealed the name: Milano.

We imagined it like this, in this rendering. The mechanics will be related to those of the Avenger or the Fiat 600, so the CMP platform, similar body proportions yes, but the Alfa Romeo design must be highlighted.

The engines will also be shared with the Stellantis Galaxy units. It is an important test bench, as it is the details that will make the difference: mechanical calibration, dressing, and style. Biscione enthusiasts will not compromise. Hence the impatience. Ah, it will also be the first electric Alfa!

2: Dacia Duster

Silver medal for the Dacia Duster! Why anticipated? The numbers, the views of our videos and articles speak for themselves, they are the best business card! It has changed so much in terms of design, it is more mature and modern, but still faithful to its principles: rationality and little embellishment.

Externally, the dimensions remain the same, but internally, it gains space and has a larger trunk of about 30 liters. However, the biggest novelties are found under the hood, as it is the first hybrid Duster.

It will be available with a 130 hp mild-hybrid engine, also with all-wheel drive and with the 1.6 full-size that the Jogger now uses with its increasingly unreliable GPL. Diesel? No problem. Excluded from the list!

Ready for number 1?

1: Fiat Panda

It's her... the Fiat Panda. A car that has transcended generations. It is undoubtedly the most anticipated crossover, as it should bring in numbers and democratize the automotive world. What do we know about her?

Well, the question is quite simple: it will also be 100% electric and will debut in the summer of twenty-four. It will be based on the new smart platform, as well as the one from the latest Citroën C3 (you can find the video with Lorenzo here) and then the style... it should echo that of the 2019 Centoventi concept.

It will be larger since it reaches about 4 meters and will probably have those typical Fiat details from the past that should make it iconic. It's a fundamental car that rightly occupies the first place.

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