Here are 10 used cars you should never buy

 Used cars are an alternative to new cars that many households cannot necessarily afford. Consequently, the sale of used cars in France represents almost one out of every two cars sold in the country.

Buying a used car offers numerous advantages, whether economically (lower prices) or in terms of delivery (new cars can currently take over 12 months to be delivered after ordering). However, there are also many disadvantages to buying a used vehicle. These include:

- Scams (tampered odometers, accident-damaged vehicles, defective parts, etc.)

- Issues with private sales, which can create responsibility problems

- Lack of professional advice

Moreover, certain car models are not at all suitable for buying used. After a certain number of kilometers, these cars become prone to problems (breakdowns), making them a bad deal to buy used.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 car models you should never buy used.

La Volkswagen Jetta (2007-2011)

La Volkswagen Jetta (2007-2011)

If you are buying a used car, it is better to avoid high-performance and luxury vehicles. Volkswagen cars are undoubtedly reliable, but a used VW like the Jetta may require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, spare parts are not always easy to find. You can find German cars at low prices on the used market, but then the dashboard might light up like a Christmas tree.

If you have the mindset and the budget to maintain a used German car, you might opt for a VW Polo, preferably a manual version, as the DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) is also known to have some issues along with its low fuel consumption.

Le Tata Aria (2010-2017)

The Tata Aria was a well-rounded vehicle with essential features, and it paved the way for the Hexa to become what it is today. However, it was not one of the most reliable cars. Tata introduced many features in the Aria, but it was not a success. So why go for something that wasn't even popular when it was new? Tata addressed the weaknesses and improved with the Hexa, which people liked. However, it is truly not a good deal to look for a used Tata Aria today.

La Mahindra TUV300 AMT (2015-2021)
La Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG (2009 – 2014)

The TUV300 and KUV100 are two Mahindra cars whose sales are not very good. Although they offer good features and a decent package, they never really caught up in the market. While the manual version is refined, the TUV300 AMT is not recommended as a worthwhile investment.

La Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG (2009 – 2014)

Just like the parent brand, Skoda cars are also high-performing and require a lot of maintenance. We mostly see enthusiasts buying used Skoda and VW cars because they have a knack for maintaining and modifying these vehicles. Although Skoda offers good power and performance, it has two main issues:

1. Maintenance feedback is not good.
2. The gearbox is also problematic.

Ultimately, a used Skoda demands a lot of maintenance, and the parts are hard to find, which can be quite costly.

La Fiat Linea (2008-2011)

The Linea was a perfect car, but since Fiat exited the Indian market, it is not advisable to venture into purchasing vehicles from the used car market. Even when the vehicle was on sale, there were issues with the availability of parts, so one can imagine the current scenario after Fiat's exit from India.

La Honda CRV (2007-2013)

While Honda cars like the City and Civic are popular in the used car market, the CRV might not be the wisest choice. Additionally, sourcing spare parts and repairs for such an older vehicle can quickly strain your finances.

Le Chevrolet Captiva (2008-2012)

Chevrolet also exited the Indian market some time ago, similar to Fiat. Although the Captiva is a spacious car with a strong road presence, it is not advisable to buy a used one. The Captiva had some issues with transmission and engine, notably the turbocharger. All these problems entail significant expenses. While some service centers are still operational, spare parts are hard to come by. Therefore, seeking to purchase a used Chevrolet Captiva is not a good option; in case of breakdowns and part replacements, you might find yourself in a difficult situation.

Le Nissan Teana (2007-2014)

This car may seem tempting with its attractive appearance and luxury, but it comes at a cost. Nobody wants to experience an inconvenient and troublesome ownership, and that's exactly what you get with a used Teana. The car is good, but once again, maintenance and spare parts will be tough on your wallet.

La Honda Accord 3.5L V6 (2008-2013)

The Honda Accord is also among Honda's luxury cars. Typically, Honda cars are reliable, but there's always an exception. The 2017 Accord V6 is known for issues such as ignition failures, air conditioning malfunctions, and radio failures.

Le Hyundai Santa Fe (2011-2017)

Hyundai cars perform well as city cars, but higher-end models don't have good support. You should avoid buying Hyundai cars such as the Santa Fe, Tucson, and Sonata at all costs. While only European high-end vehicles are listed in this list of cars to avoid, it must be acknowledged that higher-end Hyundai vehicles don't have a good track record.

La Mitsubishi Outlander (2008-2013)

Like other brands that have exited the Indian market such as Fiat, Chevrolet, and Ford, the Outlander was among the high-end vehicles that were rare to see, even when they were on sale. So one can imagine ownership isn't easy, and now that Mitsubishi has left India, it's not advisable to buy a used Outlander until someone sources spare parts from abroad.

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