Dignified heir of the GT40, discover the 2017 Ford GT and its 647 horsepower.

 Produced in only 1,000 units, the Ford-branded 'super-sports car' is an exceptional vehicle. Its price is just as remarkable: expect half a million euros! Technical specifications, performance, innovations... Discover the worthy heir of the GT40 in images.

On June 19, 2016, the Ford 'supercar' triumphed on the Circuit de la Sarthe at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the GTE Pro category. One year later, a few (wealthy) enthusiasts of the model descended from the legendary GT40 will be able to acquire a production version. Only 1,000 units of the beast with 647 horsepower will be produced. With its top speed of 347 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds, and a maximum torque of 745 Nm, it is certain that the 2017 Ford GT is a powerful machine, with performance comparable to that of a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Beyond these achievements, the 2017 version of the Ford GT is, according to the American manufacturer, 'a testing ground for new technologies and advances in ultra-light materials that will benefit Ford cars, SUVs, and electric vehicles in the future.' Ford engineers have shown great inspiration in making the 2017 GT particularly aerodynamic and ahead of its time in terms of technology.


At first glance, the resemblance between this 2017 version and the GT40 is evident. Air extractors embedded in the hood and front optics are the two 'homage' elements to its 1960s predecessor. The nostalgic will find satisfaction, as will modernity enthusiasts. Indeed, the design by Graig Metros is quite bold. The artist's signature: sharp cuts, a wide rear spoiler, and oversized air intakes sculpted into the bodywork, all crafted through wind tunnel testing.

Technical Specifications:

The 3,497 cm³ V6 Ecoboost engine develops 647 horsepower. With a power-to-weight ratio of only 2.14 kg/horsepower, this 2017 version of the GT is simply the most powerful Ford ever produced. The American 'supercar' weighs 1,385 kg (empty)... This twin-turbocharged engine is coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission, controlled by paddle shifters on the steering wheel, F1-style.

Technological Innovations:

To achieve such results, Ford has developed a carbon fiber architecture to ensure minimal weight for the car. In terms of aerodynamics, active elements allow for balancing the lift and drag of the GT according to driving mode and speed. Another adjustable feature is the ride height: it can be lowered or raised (for passing over speed bumps, for example) thanks to a hydraulic system.


The Ford GT 2017 was produced in limited numbers, with only 1,000 units available worldwide. Due to its exclusivity and high demand, securing one may be challenging. However, for those fortunate enough to acquire one, it represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history and cutting-edge technology.

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